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Install Nextcloud on a Ubuntu 20.04\22.04 server

Step 1 - Buy a server and basic configuration You can buy a pure server at Vultr. After you installing a pure Ubuntu, or buying a new cloud Ubuntu server, you need to first finish the basic authentication configuration. Follow instructions here to: Delete other accounts. Create your own account instead of root. Disable password login and force to use SSH key to log in. Disable root account.  …

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之前每次进公司,为了打开苏康码,都得翻半天支付宝和微信的小程序,非常痛苦。 尤其是手机卡住了,网不稳了,小程序框架本身就加载半天,弄得我经常尴尬的卡在门外,迟到,难受。 不过,我怎么看怎么感觉,这个苏康码好像就是个网页呀,如果能抠出来URL,自己用浏览器打开,岂不是相当方便快捷? 还可以省去天天翻各种小程序了。   获取苏康码 在下面地址获取苏康码: (这并不需要你有任何App例如微信、支付宝,可以在PC上操作)   (防钓鱼:         这个URL的意思,看起来是 https://苏城码.苏州公安局.中国/微警务/健康_苏康码.html。经过检查备案信息,确实属于苏州公安局。再加上有HTTPS,应该不是钓鱼链接,可以放心输入个人信息)     加速这个过程 在你通过浏览器获取到苏康码后,可以复制  …

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Build a package that can be used in browser and node with TypeScript

Sometimes I may need to share some of my logic\algorithm with other developers. In this case I might need to build a library. That library might be used in the customer's browser, or might be referenced by other front-end projects, may be based on Angular or React. So how can we build a package with TypeScript that benefits from strong type while can be installed\reference\used by others? After  …

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Creating a proxy to another URL with ASP.NET Core

This post talks about writing a simple HTTP proxy logic in C# or ASP.NET Core. And allowing your project to proxy the request to any other URL. It is not about deploying a proxy server for your ASP.NET Core project. Before starting, you need to be clear about the target you are going to proxy for. It shall be an URL. Add the following code anywhere of your project. public static  …

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我们每天的生活都离不开微信。微信基本上已经成了在中国生活的一部分。 但是,微信有些方面的功能总是看起来令人觉得有些奇怪。例如: 微信几乎是第一款需要手机扫码才能登录PC端的 微信群和微信聊天记录在切换设备后会完全无法同步 你无法得知自己是否被一个微信好友拉黑了 你不能同时在多个移动设备上同时登录微信 从产品的角度来看,这些设定看起来彷佛是在给用户制造障碍,也成了大家普遍对微信的槽点。那么,微信的团队为什么要这么设计,而为什么又不改良它的体验呢?我想或许问题并不只是产品和需求分析这么简单,而是还需要进一步探寻架构上的本质。 在我生活在澳大利亚期间,我发现一件很有趣的事情:在澳大利亚,我使用微信给同样在澳大利亚的好友发送微信消息,他也可以几乎瞬间收到。假想微信在国内建立单点的服务器,那么这种性能一定不足以支撑澳大利亚内的通信。数据从澳洲抵达中国再从中国推送到澳洲至少需要500ms。而表现来看 …

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Bootstrap dark theme minimum style

Now Apple is forcing all apps in its app store to support dark mode. Also, most native Android apps already support the dark theme. Viewing a screen which white background when you enabled dark mode on your device will greatly harm the viewer's eyes. Like lots of websites are made by bootstrap. So how can we get a solution with minimum changes and allows the website to support automatically  …

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Use IIS or Azure App Service as a reverse proxy

IIS is a popular web server with awesome GUI management and high performance. And sometimes we just need IIS works as a reverse proxy. Last week, I was building Aiursoft.IO. Aiursoft.IO is a project which reverse-proxies to provide a shorter download URL. And we already have a Windows Server virtual machine and Azure App Service Plan. So we don't plan to buy an  …

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