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Fix dell server fan speed issue

I have a Dell R730XD. After installing a custom PCIE device, the fan speed keeps very high. To fix that: Connect iDRAC Connect this port to your LAN. Try to get the IP address. file Log in iDRAC file Default username: root. Default password: calvin. Enable IPMI over lan Make sure this is enabled: file Download IPMI tools For Windows, download it here. After downloading, install it and add the  …

Linux iDRAC Dell PowerEdge IPMI R730XD R730

If a Ubuntu server should run apt upgrade automatically?

Backgrounds Recently, I have a lot of Linux servers created. Those servers are really a lot that I'm tired upgrading those every day. file And I just keep doing the same thing: Login Run sudo apt update Run sudo apt upgrade -y Run reboot Why upgrade those automatically? Save time. Get security updates as soon as possible. Packages are always very clean and new, so less painful to upgrade in one  …

bash Linux Ubuntu Upgrade

CaddyV2 tips

Here are some tips when I am using CaddyV2 as a reverse proxy. Directly render HTML { respond / h1Welcome/h1 200 } Reverse proxy on certain address { reverse_proxy /admin http://v2ray:10000 { } } Permenant redirect { redir{uri} permanent } Reversey proxy and add custom header  …

Reverse Proxy Linux Ubuntu Caddy CaddyV2

Build a new NFS server with WinServer or Ubuntu and mount it

Windows Server On Windows Server, creating a new NFS server is simple. First install this: file And then click the folder properties. file And enable that. file Ubuntu Run: sudo apt update sudo apt install nfs-kernel-server -y sudo mkdir -p /mnt/nfs_share sudo chown -R nobody:nogroup /mnt/nfs_share/ sudo chmod 777 /mnt/nfs_share/ And edit the configuration: sudo vim /etc/exports Add this: /mnt/  …

Linux Ubuntu File Windows Server Share NFS VMware ESXI Vsphere NAS

Mount Windows SMB folder to Ubuntu

First, install tools: sudo apt install cifs-utils Create a new folder: sudo mkdir /mnt/share To mount: sudo mount -t cifs -o username=your-name //your-server/your-path /mnt/share your-name is your Windows user name. your-server is the server IP address or domain name. your-path is the folder name of that SMB share. After executing, you might need to input the password. <div style="display:inline- …

bash Linux Ubuntu Windows Server SMB Share

Run WeChat in Ubuntu

Install and configure Wine. First, install Wine. sudo apt install wine64 After installing, open winecfg. winecfg Ajust the dpi to a higher value. I'm using 192 for 4K display. file Download and configure fonts Download and configure fonts. Run the following commands: sudo apt install cabextract sudo apt install winetricks winetricks corefonts gdiplus riched20 riched30 Download and install WeChat  …

bash Linux Ubuntu China WeChat Wine

Install Nextcloud on a Ubuntu 20.04 server

Step 1 - Buy a server and basic configuration You can buy a pure server at Vultr. After you installing a pure Ubuntu, or buying a new cloud Ubuntu server, you need to first finish the basic authentication configuration. Follow instructions here to: Delete other accounts. Create your own account instead of root. Disable password login and force to use SSH key to log in. Disable root account.  …

Web Linux Ubuntu IT Apache2 PHP MySQL Certbot Nextcloud Storage

Use you local server to replace the cloud with FRP.

Why am I doing this? I've been complaining: the public cloud is too expensive. A typical server costs about 150USD a month. And because I use a lot of Azure PaaS services, my current business needs to cause me to spend more than 500USD per month. In addition, the database and App Service are both costly. This practice proves: that using Azure is very expensive. So I've been thinking: I have a lot  …

IP bash Linux Windows Server Cloud FRP Network Port Firewall

Auto backup for Minecraft on Linux

Recently, I was addicted to Minecraft. And I hosted a server. In order to backup the server automatically, I have tried many solutions. Git solution Git solution requires a lot of CPU when compressing the objects. And may impact the game performance since Java itself requires a lot of CPU. So I finally gave up Git.   Copy solution Copy the world folder to anther place is super simple. Before try  …

bash Linux Minecraft Backup

Programmatically connect to the remote server via SSH and execute remote command.

Recently I was trying to build a server management tool. That I need to connect to my server (Ubuntu) programmatically. I usually access my server via SSH, as a normal human. So I wanna do it with the same approach. First, create a new .NET Core project with: dotnet new console After creating the new project, install the latest SSH.NET library. Reference: NuGet Gallery | SSH.NET 2020.0.1 And  …

C# .NET Core bash Linux SSH

Best-practice for authentication after creating a new Linux server

This article helps you change the following items if your cloud provider didn't do that for you. Create your own account instead of root. Disable password login and force to use SSH key to log in. Disable root account. Enable sudo without password. Before starting the process, make sure you have a valid SSH key-pair locally. Fist, connect to the server. (With root password). you@local  …

bash Linux Ubuntu SSH

Linux Cheatsheet for Windows Users

A notebook for Windows folks like me who struggle to remember Linux commands Before starting Control options Operation Command Example Execute command one by one command1; command2 Execute command1 background command1 & command2 Execute command2 if 1 success command1 && command2 Execute command2 if 1 fail command1 || command2 Reverse the command result !command1 Pipeline options  …

bash Linux Ubuntu

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