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Using ZFS is easy

ZFS is a modern file system with features such as copy-on-write, redirect-on-write, deduplication, and snapshots, making it suitable for large-scale storage and data management scenarios. It operates on the concept of storage pools, where a pool manages disks and provides storage space. Datasets can be created on top of these pools, which don't require allocated space and can utilize the entire storage capacity of the pool. Each dataset is mapped as a directory for file storage and organization. The blog post provides a detailed guide on how to install ZFS, locate your disk, list sets and pools, and manage pools and sets. It also explains how to use the deduplication property to remove redundant data from your ZFS file systems, resulting in only unique data being stored and common components being shared between files. Additionally, the blog post discusses the use of snapshots, which record the state of the file system at a specific point in time. This feature allows for easy resto...--GPT 4

bash Linux Disk ZFS File Sysytem Raid Dedup

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