About Anduin Xue

Hello! My name is Anduin Xue. I am a software engineer at Microsoft.

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Once found someone impersonating my identity. It's not me except the link below, even he shows any evidence. 曾经发现有人冒充我的身份注册账号。除了下列链接外,均不是我本人,即使他出示了证据。

The Journey of Anduin Xue

Brief History

  • 1996


    Born in Jinzhou, Hebei, China. Heavy rain kept for 3 months at home in 1996 and I was given the name `Continuous-Rain Xue` first. And changed to `Anduin Xue` one year later.

    My family migrated to Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province when I was 3. My mother works in a factory as a steelworker and my dad is an engineer.

    My dad starts computer programming very early and he wrote Basic and PB before 2000.

  • 2002


    I went to a local primary school in Shijiazhuang. And my family bought a house there so we totally settled since then.

    When I was a child, I show great interest in computers and engineer. There were about 5 computers in my house and I learned lots of basic knowledge like installing operating systems and editing BIOS settings.

    My personality was very weak when I was young and afraid of any threats. But enjoy entertainment by self-made toys and video games. I love the 'Age of empires' and 'StarCraft' and playing games day and night.

    My dad learned Microsoft .NET technology and C# language at that time. And he really enjoys coding and shares with me. So I mastered the general method of computer programming at that time. The only thing I want to write is the games.

  • 2008

    School days

    Days are harder in 2008. My grandma was gone because of cancer. And my junior high school is really bad, considered a nightmare in my youth. Students are focusing on gang-fight and making love. I looked out of place in the crowd.

    My family kept giving me academic pressure and preventing me from playing video games. So the only thing that I can do is to read books and explore astronomy.

    I show interest in many areas at that time. Medicine, astronomy, physics, music, etc. I enjoy creating an emergency medical box. I made many telescopes from the lens. And learned the piano. Sometimes I enjoy editing videos with Video Studio and 3ds Max.

  • 2012

    High school

    High school is the best time of my life. Students are distributed to high school via their grade and my high school is really awesome with plenty of social activities and foreign teachers.

    As I really enjoy my high school, I show great interest in computer programming. I live in school and one of my teachers allowed me to use her computer to code. So I learned .NET and Visual Studio in my spare time. I made lots of C# projects and some even exist today.

    My favorite majors are physicals and English. I can understand the theory of relativity easily and my physics paper are usually almost full marks. I hope that I can continue learning astrophysics at University. However, I was recommended to learn software engineering at NEU by my high school.

  • 2014


    Considering my special talent on the computer, my college decided to admit me exceptionally. That was really lucky with me. However, I still participated in the national college entrance exam that year and got a grade of 614.

    I met a girl that I really love in 2014. Her name is Lily. She is very pretty and nice that deserves my whole life.

    College time was the most splendid time for me. I wrote lots of projects, made lots of videos and posted them to bilibli.com. And I met lots of different kinds of people like bosses, investors, hosts and actors.

  • 2015


    My teacher encouraged me to start a business. At that time, it was the golden age of Internet entrepreneurship. So, I founded a software company called 'Obisoft' with my classmates.

    To run the company, I had to give up some courses and retake them next year. I first focused on helping other people build software. At that time, I realized that most people have no basic sense of software engineering.

    My business has failed, and I know that it's far more complicated for me. So in the later stage, I decided to cooperate with an investor called 'Qingsong Zhao'. But his project was not successful neither. With my company failed, I still learned a lot of business experience and software development skills from it.

  • 2018


    There is one thing happened in my college life, which impacts me most: I hacked one of the servers of our school and got all data. And I realized that what I learned may lead me to success or crime.

    Since then, I have worked as a hacker. But I always report my work to the Academic Affairs Office of my college so they will fix the problem soon and return some payback. My major working OS was Ubuntu that time.

    Their solution was based on Microsoft. So I learned the product lines provided by Microsoft. Like Active Directory, PowerShell and SQL Server. And that changed the way I work in the future.

  • 2019

    Open source enthusiasts

    Based I what I learned, I realized that open source is the most efficient way to get best code. Also the future of software programming. So I kept working on GitHub, provided more and more open source projects.

    Aiursoft was founded in my colledge life, but it really works like a community was from 2019. We got lots of users, and we really enjoy users' feedback.

    And Edi, one of my best friends, helped me creating this blog. That's the website you are reading now.

    To get settled down, I joined a company called HighViewSoftware, working as a back-end developer, and helped building bopoda.

  • 2020

    Microsoft FTE

    Because of the impact of COVID-19, we was locked in home and those days are really boring. I was addicted to Twitter and other Youtubers.

    I tried the Microsoft's FTE interview and passed this time. That really changed the direction of my life. So I migrated to Suzhou and began my new journey in Microsoft.

    In Suzhou I met my new team and new boss. After my life became regular again, which allowed me to think about the future and my daily life. What shoud I be and what will happen next with my projects?

  • 2021


    At Microsoft, I joined a new Toastmaster club called 'MISU' and became its president after one year. That made me in a group like family.

    I accidentally posted some screenshots to Twitter before Windows 11 GA. That is a catastrophe for me. In one day, the whole world spotlighted me, and everyone was discussing me. It's incredibly uncomfortable and also significantly impacted my career.

    Some of my core values changed. I think society satisfies the law of the dark forest. I need to stay anonymous and focus on using the money I made to enjoy life. So I decided to focus on learning and enjoyment.

    So, this year, I officially started learning as a pilot (With real planes), which has added a lot of fun to my ordinary life.

  • 2022


    A project named 'HowToCook', started by me in 2020, suddenly became very famous that has been on GitHub Trending for about one month. It suddenly became that hot, which made me feel confused. I spent a lot of time maintaining that project and drafted a big dream.

    Me and my former goddess, Lily, became a couple. But soon I observed that Lily today became arrogant and disrespectful. She rejects my sharing and help, and thought what I was doing was outrageous. She changed her mind several times and made me hard to focus. So I learnt that people change.

    I think the income should be used for fun. For example, driving a car is not very useful, but can open up an interesting field for me. So I started learning to drive and started building a data center in my own home. This has brought me a lot of interesting experiences and joy