About Anduin Xue

Hello! My name is Anduin Xue. I am a software engineer at Microsoft.

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Once found someone impersonating my identity. It's not me except the link below, even he shows any evidence. 曾经发现有人冒充我的身份注册账号。除了下列链接外,均不是我本人,即使他出示了证据。

The Journey of Anduin Xue

Brief History

  • 1996


    Born in Jinzhou, Hebei, China, I was initially given the name 'Continuous-Rain Xue' due to the heavy rain that kept us indoors for three months in 1996. A year later, my name was changed to 'Anduin Xue.' At the age of 3, my family relocated to Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province. My mother worked as a steelworker in a factory, while my dad was an engineer.

    My dad began computer programming early on, writing Basic and PB before 2000.

  • 2002


    I attended a local primary school in Shijiazhuang, and my family bought a house in the area, settling down permanently.

    From a young age, I showed a strong interest in computers and engineering. We had about five computers at home, and I learned basic knowledge such as operating system installation and BIOS settings.

    Growing up, I had a timid personality and was afraid of any threats. However, I enjoyed entertainment through self-made toys and video games, such as 'Age of Empires' and 'StarCraft.'

    My dad learned Microsoft .NET technology and C# language, enjoying coding and sharing his knowledge with me. As a result, I mastered the general method of computer programming and desired to create games.

    I received my first computer with Windows XP at 2003.

  • 2008

    School days

    2008 was a challenging year—my grandma passed away from cancer, and my junior high school experience was a nightmare. Students were involved in gang fights and other inappropriate activities, making me feel out of place.

    My family pressured me academically and prevented me from playing video games, so I turned to reading books and exploring astronomy.

    During this time, I developed interests in various areas, such as medicine, astronomy, physics, and music. I enjoyed creating an emergency medical box, making telescopes from lenses, learning piano, and editing videos using Video Studio and 3ds Max.

  • 2012

    High school

    High school was the best time of my life. Students were placed in high schools based on their grades, and my high school was fantastic, filled with social activities and foreign teachers.

    My passion for computer programming grew, and I spent my free time learning .NET and Visual Studio using a teacher's computer. I created numerous C# projects, and some even still exist today.

    Physics and English were my favorite subjects. I quickly understood the theory of relativity and often scored near perfect marks in physics exams. I had hoped to study astrophysics at university, but my high school recommended software engineering at NEU.

  • 2014


    Recognizing my computer talent, my college admitted me exceptionally, which was very lucky. Nevertheless, I took the national college entrance exam that year and scored 614.

    I met the love of my life, Lily, in 2014. She was beautiful, kind, and worth my entire life.

    During my time in college, it was splendid. I worked on many projects, most of which were helping other businesses. These included some management systems and HTML5 mini-games.

  • 2015


    Encouraged by a teacher, I started a business with classmates during the golden age of Internet entrepreneurship, founding a software company called 'Obisoft'.

    To run the company, I met various people, including bosses, investors, hosts, and actors. I had to give up some courses and retake them the following year. Although the business ultimately failed, I learned valuable insights into business experience and software development skills.

  • 2017


    During college, I hacked one of the school's servers, obtaining all of its data. This experience made me realize that my knowledge could lead to either success or crime.

    I decided to work as a hacker while reporting my findings to the Academic Affairs Office, allowing them to fix issues quickly. During this time, my primary operating system was Ubuntu.

    As the school's solution was Microsoft-based, I learned about Microsoft product lines like Active Directory, PowerShell, and SQL Server, which changed my future working approach.

  • 2018


    I interned at a Beijing company called Echeers but was let go after three months. The manager preferred closed technologies, which I believed created unnecessary barriers.

    I began posting videos on Bilibili and realized I could make a name for myself on social media, considering becoming a professional streamer.

    In my spare time, I developed Aiursoft's infrastructure, an OAuth system for microservices that would later form the basis for many other systems.

    Eventually, I joined a company called HighViewSoftware as a back-end developer, working on the bopoda project. During this time, I met several Microsoft MVPs and aspired to become one myself.

  • 2019

    Open source enthusiasts

    I embraced open source as the most efficient way to obtain the best code and the future of software programming. I continued working on GitHub, contributing to many open source projects, like Kahla.

    Aiursoft, founded during my college years, became a thriving community in 2019. We gained numerous users and appreciated their feedback.

    My close friend, Edi, helped create this blog, which you are currently reading.

  • 2020

    Microsoft FTE

    Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, I spent much of my time on Twitter and watching YouTube. I attempted Microsoft's FTE interview and passed, leading me to relocate to Suzhou and start a new journey with Microsoft.

    In Suzhou, I met my new team and boss. My life returned to normal, allowing me to consider the future and daily life, as well as the direction of my projects.

  • 2021


    At Microsoft, I joined a Toastmasters speech club called 'MISU' and became its president after a year, forming a close-knit group.

    I unintentionally released Windows 11 screenshots before its GA, which caused significant discomfort and impacted my career.

    My core values shifted, and I decided to focus on using my income for enjoyment, exploring new interests like piloting real planes.

  • 2022


    In 2022, my project HowToCook became enormously popular on GitHub, causing me to spend significant time maintaining it.

    Unfortunately, my relationship with Lily changed. Her arrogance and disrespect led to us breaking up. I learned that people change.

    Seeking fun, I learned to drive and built a data center at home. This brought me interesting experiences and joy.

  • 2023


    I purchased a house in Suzhou with a loan, indicating that my life may be settling down. I enjoy planning the decoration of my new home every day, which brings me a lot of excitement and joy in life.

    In this year, OpenAI's technology suddenly became a new trend, which forced me to learn a series of new skills. At the same time, I gradually shifted my data center towards containerization and declarative approach.

    After moving my account and files to Suzhou, I explored GPU computing, built a Boeing 737 simulator in Suzhou Center, and reignited my relationship with Lily, looking forward to our future together.