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Azure Azure tips and skills

Use Azure Key Vault to store connection strings for App Service.

Sometimes, we need to provide key-values as environment variables for Azure app service, like database connection strings. In some cases, we might need someone to collaborate managing the app service. However, with app service environment variables access, he will also be able to connect to the database manually and do custom database operations, like drop database. That is not what we expected.  …

Azure App Service Azure Security Key vault

Setup auto-renew wildcard HTTPS certificate on Azure virtual machine

Sometimes we might need to host a website in Azure. And there are so many options, like storage account, app service. But none of those supports wildcard HTTPS and auto-renew. An ideal configuration shall be static which means that it will never crash even when no one maintains it. Auto-renew is a must-have feature for HTTPS. Luckily, I got a solution based on win-acme:  …

Azure Azure DNS Windows Server HTTPS Win-ACME Certificate letsencrypt ACME

Fix Azure Media Player can't play video in iOS mobile devices

Recently, when we are trying to distribute video from Azure Media Service, we noticed that our video can't be played in iOS mobile devices. But the same web page plays normally in Android devices. There are multiple reasons for iOS devices to load and play Azure Media Player. As for the player itself is not open source, it might happen some strange effects when I change these settings. But the  …

Azure Media Player Azure Azure Media Service

Download any Azure Media Service video or live stream with FFmpeg.

This blog shows a tutorial about how to download any Azure media service video or live stream. Before starting, you need to have FFmpeg installed. No matter you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. Download latest FFmpeg here: After installing it, prepare a command: ffmpeg -protocol_whitelist file,http,https,tcp,tls,crypto -i "{0}" -c copy video.mp4 And you  …

Azure Media Player bash Azure Azure Media Service Download FFmpeg

Tips for Azure CLI script programming on bash

Ask the user to select the Azure cloud under which he runs the Azure CLI: login_azure() { no_cloud=true while $no_cloud; do echo 'Select your cloud:' az cloud list --output table read -p 'Enter the name:' cloudName az cloud set --name $cloudName && no_cloud=false done az account show || az login echo 'To logout, please press `  …

bash Azure DevOps Azure CLI

Microsoft account integrated sign in via C#

This code example indicates how to build an app that supports Microsoft account OAuth authentication. Before coding, we gonna create an app in your Azure portal first. The name is your app's display name. Select your app can access accounts in any organization and personal Microsoft account. As for the redirect URI, it must be your server redirect back address. For  …

ASP.NET Core Azure Microsoft OAuth Login Authentication

Install Azure CLI on Windows 10 and use it in bash

The Azure command-line interface (CLI) is Microsoft's cross-platform command-line experience for managing Azure resources. The Azure CLI is designed to be easy to learn and get started with, but powerful enough to be a great tool for building custom automation to use Azure resources. The Azure CLI is available to install in Windows, macOS and Linux environments. It can also be run in a Docker  …

bash Azure Azure CLI PowerShell

Publish app from Azure DevOps to non-global Azure like Azure CN

如何使用Azure DevOps将编译完的应用发布到非Azure Global环境,例如Azure CN。 Publishing an app from Azure DevOps to Azure global is super easy. Simply a few clicks and you can find your azure subscription and publish it in a minute. Like this: But in some cases, our customers might be using other Azure environments, like Azure Arc, Azure for government and Azure CN. And we can't find our subscriptions easily via  …

Azure App Service Azure Azure DevOps DevOps Azure CN China

Use IIS or Azure App Service as a reverse proxy

IIS is a popular web server with awesome GUI management and high performance. And sometimes we just need IIS works as a reverse proxy. Last week, I was building Aiursoft.IO. Aiursoft.IO is a project which reverse-proxies to provide a shorter download URL. And we already have a Windows Server virtual machine and Azure App Service Plan. So we don't plan to buy an  …

IIS web.config Reverse Proxy Web Azure App Service Azure

How to connect Azure Media Player statistic info to Power BI embed

Architect This User Story requires the following steps: Get video playback data. Submit the data to global Azure AI service via JavaScript. Verify that we can see the video playback data in the Azure portal. Get the data from global Azure AI service to Power BI. Use Power BI Embed to display the data in our web page. Add a filter to your embed dashboard to only display current tenant  …

Power BI Azure Media Player Application Insights Azure

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