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Use your own cert to sign your package to identify your code identity.

This blog post offers a comprehensive guide on using a digital certificate to sign code and establish identity in the digital world. It first explains the concept of digital certificates, which are split into public and private keys. The public key is made available online for others to trust, while the private key is used to sign content. The post further elaborates on the subject and friendly name fields in a digital certificate. The subject field contains identity verification information, while the friendly name is an optional field used for easier identification and management of the certificate. For HTTPS certificates, the subject field typically includes the domain name or hostname of the certificate holder, which is crucial for ensuring secure communication. The blog then provides a step-by-step guide on generating a self-signed certificate and obtaining the private key. It also explains how to make the public key trusted by others. By generating a self-signed certificate and...--GPT 4

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Setup auto-renew wildcard HTTPS certificate on Azure virtual machine

本文详细介绍了如何在Azure虚拟机上设置自动续订通配符HTTPS证书。首先,需要在Azure DNS服务中创建一个新的资源组,并将域名服务器地址复制到记事本中。然后,在域名提供商处修改域名服务器的值。接下来,创建一个新的Azure虚拟机,并在其上安装IIS。为了获取证书,可以使用win-acme自动工具,它可以自动完成申请、验证和安装步骤。在此过程中,还需要创建一个新的应用程序注册,并为其分配相应的权限。最后,应用通配符HTTPS证书,并设置DNS记录以将任何子域指向服务器。完成这些步骤后,您的网站将使用HTTPS进行加密。本文提供了详细的操作步骤和截图,帮助您更轻松地完成设置过程。在完成设置后,您的在线服务将更加安全可靠。那么,自动续订通配符HTTPS证书对您的业务有何影响?如何确保在整个过程中不会出现问题?--GPT 4

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