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Key vault

Use Azure Key Vault to store connection strings for App Service.

This blog post discusses the use of Azure Key Vault to store connection strings for App Service, providing a secure way to manage sensitive information without compromising access control. Azure Key Vault is a tool designed to safeguard cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services. The article guides you through the process of creating a new Azure Key Vault, adding yourself as an administrator, and storing the production connection string. Once the secret is created, the reference URL is copied and wrapped using the @Microsoft.KeyVault() function. This wrapped URL is then pasted into the app service, replacing the real password. After saving the new value and restarting the app service, an identity is added to allow the app service to access the key vault. By using Azure Key Vault, you can manage your app service without touching confidential values and invite others to help manage it without revealing sensitive information, such as database passwords. This se...--GPT 4

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