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Bootstrap dark theme minimum style

With the increasing popularity of dark mode in mobile apps and websites, it's essential to adapt your Bootstrap-based website to support this feature. This blog post discusses a simple method to enable automatic dark theme switching with minimal changes to your existing website. Using media queries in CSS, you can easily detect if the current device is set to dark mode and apply the appropriate styles. Similarly, with JavaScript, you can detect dark mode and execute specific actions. The blog provides code snippets to accomplish these tasks, including monitoring dark mode status changes and modifying elements' classes based on the user's preference. However, detecting dark mode alone is not enough. You also need to modify some styles for specific elements like input fields. The blog provides a list of CSS rules to be applied when the dark mode is enabled, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience for users who prefer the dark theme. By implementing this method, you can ...--GPT 4

Web CSS Bootstrap Media Query Style Dark theme

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