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Install WinGet on Windows Server

在本篇博客中,我们将学习如何在Windows Server上安装WinGet。首先,确保您没有使用管理员帐户运行。然后,在具有管理员权限的新PowerShell会话中运行一系列命令。这些命令将帮助您查询最新的WinGet版本及其依赖项,并下载与安装适用于您系统的软件包。 尽管在安装过程中可能会遇到一些临时性错误,但完成后WinGet应该已经成功安装。如果安装失败,请按照博客中的步骤从GitHub下载并安装WinGet及其许可证。完成后,您应该可以看到WinGet已在您的系统中生效。 安装WinGet后,您可以使用它来安装Windows Terminal。尝试使用命令`winget install Microsoft.WindowsTerminal`。如果安装失败,您可以尝试在PowerShell中运行另一个命令来进行安装。此外,您还可以使用WinGet来安装其他应用,如剪贴工具、便笺、时钟以及邮件和日历。 最后,如果需要重置Windows商店,可以尝试在PowerShell(管理员权限)中运行`wsreset -i`和`wsreset`命令。请注意,这仅支持Windows 10 LTSC,可能无法在Windows Server上工作。 在阅读完整篇博客后,您是否已经掌握了如何在Windows Server上安装WinGet的方法?您还有哪些关于WinGet的其他应用和技巧可以分享呢?--GPT 4

PowerShell Windows Server Install Winget Automation

Install Windows store app with WinGet

This blog post demonstrates how to install a Microsoft Store app using WinGet, a Windows package manager. The process begins by obtaining the Store App ID from the Microsoft official website. Once the App ID is acquired, you can use a command to open the store page or create a PowerShell script to launch the store automatically. To install the app without a prompt, first, install WinGet using a provided script, and then run another command with the store app ID. For developers building automation, this blog post also provides a script to check if the app is already installed using the exact WinGet app name. If it's not installed, the script attempts to download and install the app. A function called Install-StoreApp is provided, making it even easier to install Microsoft Store apps with WinGet. Examples of using this function with various app IDs and WinGet app names are also included. How can you adapt these scripts for your own automation needs? And what other applications can be...--GPT 4

PowerShell Windows Winget Microsoft Store UWP Store

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