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UWP 一个技术上成功但商业上失败的框架之死;一个现代的操作系统究竟应该提供什么?

本文探讨了UWP(通用Windows平台)框架的技术优势与商业失败。UWP框架解决了许多Windows操作系统面临的问题,如应用商店、版本管理、依赖管理、存储空间管理、自动更新等。然而,尽管技术上表现出色,UWP在商业上却未能取得成功,原因包括:市场份额丧失、应用质量不高、开发难度较大等。 在现实中,UWP已经失去了市场竞争力,许多开发者和用户放弃了这个框架。微软自家的UWP应用质量也不高,功能稀缺,导致用户对UWP的印象普遍不佳。此外,开发一个UWP应用的难度并不低,许多开发者更愿意选择其他框架。 总之,尽管UWP在技术上具有诸多优势,但由于商业上的失败,它已经失去了生存的希望。新的开发框架MAUI正在崛起,但它放弃了UWP的优点,回归了Win32的开发模式。这让人不禁思考,未来的应用是否还会面临类似UWP的命运。--GPT 4

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Install Windows store app with WinGet

This blog post demonstrates how to install a Microsoft Store app using WinGet, a Windows package manager. The process begins by obtaining the Store App ID from the Microsoft official website. Once the App ID is acquired, you can use a command to open the store page or create a PowerShell script to launch the store automatically. To install the app without a prompt, first, install WinGet using a provided script, and then run another command with the store app ID. For developers building automation, this blog post also provides a script to check if the app is already installed using the exact WinGet app name. If it's not installed, the script attempts to download and install the app. A function called Install-StoreApp is provided, making it even easier to install Microsoft Store apps with WinGet. Examples of using this function with various app IDs and WinGet app names are also included. How can you adapt these scripts for your own automation needs? And what other applications can be...--GPT 4

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