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Setup Minecraft perfect game experience

本篇博客详细介绍了如何设置Minecraft游戏,以获得完美的游戏体验。首先,文章讲述了如何下载并安装Fabric,并为游戏添加光影和地图插件。接下来,博客提供了一系列推荐的游戏插件,包括:cloth-config、Kotlin-support、badpackets、modmenu、inventory-profiles-next、Appleskin、not-enough-animations、extrasounds、BetterF3、Better Third Person等。文章还提供了一张包含所有插件快捷键映射的图片,方便玩家参考。 除此之外,博客还为拥有服务器的玩家提供了一些建议。推荐使用Paper MC作为服务器引擎,并安装一些增强游戏世界的插件,如:Dungeon Now Loading、Incendium、Keepin、Ships out on the oceans、Terralith、TreeCapitator等。最后,文章提供了一些服务器设置修改建议,以便玩家根据自己的需求调整游戏难度、玩家数量、世界边界等。 如何将这些设置和插件完美地融合在一起,为玩家带来更加沉浸式的Minecraft游戏体验呢?摘要无法回答这个问题,但阅读全文将为你揭示答案。此外,你是否有其他推荐的插件和设置,可以让Minecraft变得更加有趣?欢迎在阅读本文后,与其他玩家分享你的心得。--GPT 4

Configuration Minecraft Game Java

Auto backup for Minecraft on Linux

This blog post discusses the process of creating an automatic backup solution for a Minecraft server hosted on Linux. The author first explores the Git solution, which consumes a lot of CPU resources when compressing objects, potentially impacting the game's performance. Due to these issues, the Git solution was abandoned. The author then moves on to the copy solution, which involves copying the world folder to another location. To implement this, the author uses tmux to run the Minecraft environment. The blog post provides step-by-step instructions on how to start tmux and run the Minecraft server within it, as well as how to exit and resume the terminal. Next, the author shares a script named that automates the backup process. The script saves the game, copies the world folder to a backup location, removes older backups if necessary, and then resumes the game. The author suggests using a background job system like crontab to run the script and enable automatic backups. H...--GPT 4

bash Linux Minecraft Backup

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