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Aiursoft Nextcloud 事故调查、分析与总结

在2022年10月4日早晨10:00 - 12:00,Aiursoft Nextcloud遭遇了一次重大事故,服务中断两小时并损失部分数据。事故原因经过调查分析,最终确定为备份过程中的磁盘挂载问题导致系统盘空间被填满。这次事故让我们认识到了备份操作的潜在风险,以及磁盘剩余空间监控告警系统的重要性。为防止类似问题再次发生,我们对备份脚本进行了改进,增加了磁盘挂载状态和剩余容量的检查。此外,我们还建立了监控报警系统,以确保磁盘挂载正确且剩余容量处于健康状态。这次事故给我们带来了宝贵的经验教训,也提醒我们在未来的运维工作中要更加关注系统的健康状况,防止类似问题的发生。那么,如何确保我们的备份操作更加安全可靠?有哪些方法可以更好地监控磁盘使用情况?在这次事故中,我们又可以从哪些方面进行改进,以提高系统的稳定性和可靠性?--GPT 4

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Auto backup for Minecraft on Linux

This blog post discusses the process of creating an automatic backup solution for a Minecraft server hosted on Linux. The author first explores the Git solution, which consumes a lot of CPU resources when compressing objects, potentially impacting the game's performance. Due to these issues, the Git solution was abandoned. The author then moves on to the copy solution, which involves copying the world folder to another location. To implement this, the author uses tmux to run the Minecraft environment. The blog post provides step-by-step instructions on how to start tmux and run the Minecraft server within it, as well as how to exit and resume the terminal. Next, the author shares a script named that automates the backup process. The script saves the game, copies the world folder to a backup location, removes older backups if necessary, and then resumes the game. The author suggests using a background job system like crontab to run the script and enable automatic backups. H...--GPT 4

bash Linux Minecraft Backup

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