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Interface selection when Linux has multiple network interface at the same time

Problem background I recently built multiple subnets for my data center. And I connected two interfaces of a Linux device to two subnets at the same time. file When I run ifconfig, below networks are shown: file Only the Green network has Internet access. The blue network is pure internal network. However, when I try to access the Internet, it may fail with message: destination host unreachable. …

IP Linux Network Routing Interface

Use you local server to replace the cloud with FRP.

Why am I doing this? I've been complaining: the public cloud is too expensive. A typical server costs about 150USD a month. And because I use a lot of Azure PaaS services, my current business needs to cause me to spend more than 500USD per month. In addition, the database and App Service are both costly. This practice proves: that using Azure is very expensive. So I've been thinking: I have a lot  …

IP bash Linux Windows Server Cloud FRP Network Port Firewall

Limit ASP.NET Core request frequency by IP address

By default, the user can request an ASP.NET Core web server unlimitedly. The user may request our web server very frequently and submit lots of spam data. Also, too frequent requests may be a terrible attack which may cost our service down and lots of money. So how can we group the requests by their IP address, limit the frequency of the user requests, and return an error message? There's  …


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