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C# Rotate the square matrix

In this blog post, a C# solution is presented for rotating a square matrix, a problem that the author encountered during an interview. The provided code demonstrates a straightforward approach to this problem by defining two methods: Rotate and RotateItem. The Rotate method is responsible for iterating through the matrix and calling the RotateItem method for each element, while also handling the padding to ensure that the inner matrix is rotated correctly. The RotateItem method, on the other hand, takes care of swapping the elements in the matrix to achieve the desired rotation. By sharing this solution, the author aims to help fellow developers who may face a similar problem in the future. The code is easy to understand and can be used as a reference or starting point for further exploration of matrix manipulation techniques in C#. Readers are encouraged to study the provided code, try it out, and think about possible optimizations or alternative approaches to this problem. How would...--GPT 4

C# Algorithm Matrix Math

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