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Soft deletion

Soft deletion in Entity Framework Core

In this blog post, we explore the implementation of soft deletion in Entity Framework Core, a useful feature for cases where data needs a second step before being permanently deleted from the database. By marking data as "Deleted" rather than removing it completely, we can maintain a record of deleted items for further review or processing. We begin by creating an example entity, `Post`, with properties such as `PostId`, `Title`, `Content`, and `IsDeleted`. The `IsDeleted` property indicates whether an item is considered deleted or not. Deleted items will not be selected by default, but can still be accessed using manual SQL queries. Next, we create a `BloggingContext` class that inherits from `DbContext` and contains a `DbSet<Post>` property. We override the `OnConfiguring` method to configure the SQL Server connection, and the `OnModelCreating` method to add a filter that selects only non-deleted posts. To implement soft deletion, we override the `SaveChanges` method in our `Bl...--GPT 4

C# Entity Framework SQL Server Soft deletion

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