Recently I just bought a Thrustmaster TCA airbus throttle.

You can buy it here.

I want to use this throttle to control the fan speed of the server in my data center.

Super easy.

Install SharpDX.DirectInput first.

dotnet add package SharpDX.DirectInput

Run the following code to read from GameControl. You can also read from other types like Joystick.

        var directInput = new DirectInput();
        var device = directInput
            .GetDevices(DeviceClass.GameControl, DeviceEnumerationFlags.AllDevices)
        var joystickGuid = device.InstanceGuid;
        var joystick = new Joystick(directInput, joystickGuid);
        joystick.Properties.BufferSize = 128;
        while (true)
            var datas = joystick.GetBufferedData();
            foreach (var state in datas)
                Console.WriteLine("Event" + state);