This is a renovation. I didn't have much to do during my vacation, so I decided to have some fun...

Suddenly, I discovered that the various desktop environments in Linux are highly customizable, whether it's KDE or Gnome... I was surprised to find out that with a little tweaking, it's possible to make them look like any other system.


Here is my note:

Install some basic dependencies

First we need to install some basic tools. Run the command in bash:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks git wget curl

You need to install the Gnome browser integration to make extensions installation easier.

I'm using Google Chrome, so I installed:

Now open the following links and enable those extensions!

Turn the switch from Off to On.


Now open Gnome Extensions app and you will see:


Setup wallpaer

Change your wallpaper to the file below:


Right click the image and click Save as and select your pictures folder. Then set it as wallpaper.

Setup icons

Now install the icon set:

mkdir Source
cd Source

mkdir Repos
cd Repos

mkdir Others
cd Others

git clone
cd Win11-icon-theme

Now go to tweak tools and you can set your icon to Win11-dark:


Setup application and shell theme

Setup system theme.

We will use the theme:

cd ~/Source/Repos/Others
git clone
cd Fluent-gtk-theme
./ --tweaks noborder square

And now you can select it! Select Applications and Shell as Fluent-dark


Setup Taskbar (Dash to Panel)

Right click the panel. You need to reorder your panel like my config:


Note: The Center Box is actuall the OpenWeather.

Now your task bar may looks like this:


Now time to change other settings:



After those tunning, your taskbar may looks like a real Windows 11 task bar. (Ignore the start button)

Now time to tune the Start button!

Setup Start button (ArcMenu)




Download the following file and set it as the menu button:



After those settings, your start menu will be really Windows 11 style:


Show trash bin

gsettings set show-trash true

Install Taskmgr

Wanna traditional Windows task manager?

Install this plugin:

Want to switch back?

It's simple to switch back. Just disable those extensions.

Reset your theme and wallpaper to default Ubuntu.


That's it! Now it's back to normal Ubuntu!

Other extensions?

Here are some other of my suggested extensions you can install: