How to mount remote SMB folder to local Ubuntu server

First, install tools:

sudo apt install cifs-utils

Create a new folder:

sudo mkdir /mnt/share

To mount:

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=your-name  //your-server/your-path /mnt/share
  • your-name is your Windows user name.
  • your-server is the server IP address or domain name.
  • your-path is the folder name of that SMB share.

After executing, you might need to input the password.

anduin@store:~$ sudo mount -t cifs -o username=anduin //aiursoftweb/Auto /mnt/share
Password for anduin@//aiursoftweb/Auto:
anduin@store:~$ cd /mnt/share/
anduin@store:/mnt/share$ ls
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To umount:

sudo umount  /mnt/share

How to configure to mount the remote SMB folder to Ubuntu when booting

Edit the /etc/fstab. Add this addtional line:

//<your-server>/<your-path>  /mnt/share cifs user=<your-name>,pass=<your-password> 0 0