Install and configure Wine.

First, install Wine.

sudo apt install wine64

After installing, open winecfg.


Ajust the dpi to a higher value. I'm using 192 for 4K display.


Download and configure fonts

Download and configure fonts. Run the following commands:

sudo apt install cabextract
sudo apt install winetricks
winetricks corefonts gdiplus riched20 riched30

Download and install WeChat

Download wechat.


Start WeChat installer with Wine.

wine ./WeChatSetup.exe

Now finish the installer like you done in Windows before.

Edit the language settings.

Hopefully, you will see WeChat logo in your program list.


Edit that with:

vim ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/WeChat/WeChat.desktop

And modify the Exec part.

Append the following to the beginning:

env LC_ALL="zh_CN.UTF8" 

It finally looks like this:


Now start WeChat!



  • WeChat is running in a Chinese environment. So when WeChat is starting other things like browser, the browser might be Chinese edition.
  • WeChat may crash when opening miniprograms.


Other solutions - Kylin WeChat

This is also an available WeChat solution, and native Linux solution, not webview nor wine.


However, it lacks of a lot of features:

  • Running in background.
  • Auto sign in
  • Mini program
  • Sync chat history
  • Voice call
  • Moments
  • Search chat

It's just able to do minimum features like chating.

sudo dpkg -i ./weixin_2.1.1_amd64.deb

Other solutions - Deepin Wine WeChat

THis is also an available WeChat solution, but also wine.

However, it lacks of a lot of features:

  • Pick photo to sync.
  • Auto sign in
  • Mini program
  • Run as background

It's simple to install:

wget -O- | sh
sudo apt install com.qq.weixin.deepin