When some logic in C# can be shared between projects, we gonna create a new class library project. But sometimes we just want to share some view components. For example, for all pages in Aiursoft, it all contains a Logout component. Writing this more than one time doesn't make sense. So how can we share it?

First, we gonna create a new .NET Core class library project alongside it. Name it: Aiursoft.Pylon.

Make sure your shared class library support razor. Modify your csproj file to add the property:


Your class library project file shall be like:

Now your project Aiursoft.Pylon supports writing the razor class library now. We can start writing a new view component.

Put all your view components under the: Views/Shared/Components folder. To write a view component, please reference the document:


When you finished writing your view component, your folder shall be like this:

Now your view component is done and can be shared between projects. Now create a new web project which references your class library.

Now we will import all view components from your class library to your new web project. Modify your _ViewImports.cshtml to add the namespace like this:

Now you can use the shared view components in your views. Like this:

If your code is shown in dark green, then everything is fine and your view component can be run successfully.