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Before reading this, you need to have X-Plane 11 installed. Buy X-Plane 11 here:

Every time I install X-Plane 11, I gonna install many plugins to get better fly experience. And I will try to list all the plugins I use free which helps me to get perfect fly simulation experience.


FlyWithLua do not provider any enhancement. But many other plugins require it to do further operations.

The advent of FlyWithLua will allow X-Plane to execute Lua scripts in real time at runtime, allowing developers to write plugins using Lua.
As a player, if you are familiar with Lua and have a basic understanding of the operating principles of XP, you can even use Lua code in the field to perform certain operations.

Download address:


FSEnhancer is a comprehensive X-Plane graphics solution. It includes modifications to the sky color map, cloud map, light effect map, and water map, and includes adjustments to the parameters of shadows, visibility, light effects, and water effects to improve the picture quality in a way that is as close to the XP native.

Download address:


Reshade is a plugin that supports custom X-Plane rendering parameters, making X-Plane present different visual effects in different environments. Players can either manually adjust parameters to meet individual needs, or directly select one from a large number of configuration files shared by the community and use it in Reshade.

Download address:

Reshade is hard to uninstall.

If you have already installed FSEnhancer, you can download reshade config file for FSEnhancer above.

Or use my own reshade configuration file:

Or use other's reshade configuration file: Bloom Reshade presets for Eddie or any other Skypack xp11 - Scenery Enhancement Packs - X-Plane.Org Forum

Airport Environment HD

Airport Environment HD is a comprehensive object and texture replacement that aims to improve the look of all airports in X-Plane.

Download link:

Zibo 737

Zibo 737 is the must-have plane. And it is free. Great simulation for 737-800.

  • Autothrottle modes: N1, SPEED, TAKEOFF, A/P GA, F/D GA
  • IRS systems modes: OFF, ALLIGN, NAV, ATT
  • Anti-ice: engines and wings
  • Windows heat for every window (L/R windshield, L/R side window) with simply windshield effects (rain, freeze)
  • Hydraulic systems: hyd A, hyd B, Standby hyd and pumps (hydr and elec)
  • Autobrakes modes: RTO, 1, 2, 3, MAX
  • Speedbrakes system with logic after RTO and landing
  • Engine starter modes: GRD, AUTO, CNT, FLT
  • Engine idle rpm N1 logic: ground, flight and approach
  • Automatic crossover altitude
  • Gear leveler position Down, Up, Off and emergency landing gear leveler (behind first officer on the floor)
  • APU start with stabilize and shutdown with cooling cycle
  • Pressurisation system - modes: AUTO, ALTN, MAN
  • Electric systems with buses: AC/DC ,AC/DC Standby
  • TCAS

For download Zibo 737 and more features reference:

This plane requires navigation data in your X-Plane 11\Custom Data. And the data might not be free. If you decide to buy, Navigraph is suggested

For too many people are trying to download the latest Zibo plane, the file might be blocked to download from Google Drive. If that happens, you can go to: ZIBO Updater - Download Zibo


AviTab is a tablet for your cockpit with full support for X-Plane's native VR mode and the normal 2D mode.

Post image

Download link:

Terrain Radar

The plugin adds terrain radar feature (with peaks mode). Now Plugin work in two modes: integration into the navigation display (see the list of supported aircrafts) and overlay window (all other aircrafts)

Download link:


This is a pushback plugin for the X-Plane 11 flight simulator. It provides an overhead view to plan a pushback route and accomplishes a fully automated "hands-off" pushback, letting the user focus on aircraft startup and other pilot duties during pushback. It can of course also tow you forward, or perform any arbitrarily complicated pushback operation. To increase immersion, it speaks to you in a variety of languages and accents, simulating ground staff at various places around the world.

As long as the path and position of the pushback are set in advance, the process of pushback no longer requires manual intervention. At this time, players can safely perform operations such as starting the engine.
The plug-in also provides very realistic interactive processes, such as talking to ground personnel during the pushback process, the operation of the parking brake, the animation of the operation of the wheelbarrow components, the impact on the aircraft attitude, and the gesture signals. .

Downlaod link:

HeadShake camera plugin

The HeadShake camera plugin will produce effects such as camera shake and movement based on taxi, G force changes, and spoiler opening during flight. The plug-in can also cooperate with the REP package developed by the producer Simcoders to provide a more realistic and comprehensive visual simulation.

Download link:


Although X-Plane 11 comes with data rates for descent rate and G value and allows players to read from text files, it is not practical to check the grounding rate and grounding overload from the file every time. XTouchDownRecorder graphically provides information on various important parameters in the ground, such as vertical speed, vertical overload, elevation angle, and so on.

Download link:

Airport Navigator

Have you ever taxied at the airport and you do n’t know where you are? Airport-Navigator is another benefit for those who do not own or are too lazy to check the airport map.

Download link:


XSquawkBox is an X-Plane plugin for online flight simulation network called VATSIM ( It allows X-Plane users to fly on a global flight simulation network with other flight simmers and real live air traffic control.

With XSquawkBox you will see other planes and receive real air traffic control instructions, possibly by voice (using voice-over-IP technology), possibly with text instructions.

Download link:


X-RAAS is an open-source plugin that simulates the Honeywell Runway Awareness and Advisory System. Version 2.0 is a complete from the ground-up rewrite of the original X-RAAS FlyWithLua plugin.

Download link: